In February of 2016, the 1st Kalon Swim bikini was bought in the UK. 

It was a random day when Gabriela (Kalon Swim founder) was looking for a nice finished bikini at a reasonable price. She fell in love with some options priced at €300 but she was not sure if it would even fit great. Her constant failed bikini search drove her to launch Kalon Swim in order to offer high-quality products but at less than a half of other companies price tag, with custom options!  

At Kalon Swim we are particularly drawn to custom beachwear. We believe that everyone is so unique that standard sizes and machine-made products shouldn't be the rule. Our preference goes to handmade products because of their individualism and flexibility. We want to offer our customers a product that fits their unique body, with their specific material and color preference.  



We joined forces with artisans that have more than 25 years experience in craftsmanship, crochet and waving techniques. We are really happy and proud to be supporting artisans with full-time jobs, thanks to the support of Kalon Swim customers. We ensure that all of our products are made with the finest materials and best-finished details.

Lucia is Gabriela's mother, she's an important part of this business. She handles every operational step, from ensuring that every bikini is in perfect condition before shipping to maintaining our stock up-to-date (Thanks, mom!). Gabriela manages all European operations from Madrid, where she currently lives and Lucia takes responsibility for all operations happening in America and other countries. 

Now you know that we are a big team of passionate people trying to offer you the custom product that's on your mind ♡ everything handmade with love and enthusiasm. 



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